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Dragon’s Oath

A House of Night Novella

P.C Cast & Kristin Cast

St. Martin’s Griffin         

ISBN: 978-1-250-00023-1

 Publishing Date: July 12, 2011



                Dragon’s Oath was a nice backstory into how Professor Dragon and Professor Anastasia met and fell in love. It was a nice quick read. It takes place after the book ‘Awakened’ in the series. Then you see Dragon reflecting and taking you back to his youth and meeting Anastasia.

It was a good novella because not only did it show how they met and give you their backstory it also gave a little insight into how decisions they made back then contributed to the mass destruction of the school and possibly the world, with the release of Kalona.



                I love stories like that, that make you go wow that how it all began. It is always nice to have that extra insight. I always like Professor Dragon and I thought he was a rather interesting character, he always showed a lot of depth and mystery to him. So I thought it was fitting that there was a novella written about his story.


However it was a very fast read and I feel like the plot was a bit sloppy, more rushed through than it needed to be. So that was a big down point for me. You need time and details to make the story come alive and I feel like this novella lacked a bit in that area.


                Another thing I enjoyed was that this one was a tad more serious, you didn’t have all the small quirks that seem to drive me mad with Zoey and everyone. It was a nice break from that as well. I recommend it to anyone who has read the series; you really do want to see his backstory because it has a key part that links to the rest of the series.

I give it three stars.